Idea, Animation, and Explainer Videos to Excite Your Prospects.

We specialize in three types of video…

Big Idea Videos

Short, high-concept videos designed to captivate and convince.
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Explainer Videos

Longer videos designed to explain a product or service. They often use simple animated graphics to tell a story.
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Promo Videos

Also known as ‘teasers’ these are designed to interest folks about an upcoming event.
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BIG IDEA VIDEO Samples and Successes.

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Dunkin Donuts:
How to Say Everything
in 10 Seconds.


A New Product Intro
that Exploded Sales and became a
Harvard Business Case Study.


The Bully Video Project — a grass roots effort that got International exposure.


A Smart Campaign for
Toastmasters International.


A Campaign for a Great
Business Organization.


A Tiny Business that
got Big National Press with
a Viral Video Campaign.


A Smart, Simple Campaign
for an iPhone App.


An NBA Public Service Campaign that got a 50% National Response.


A Fun Campaign for
an Industry Leader.

What our CLIENTS have to say . . .

Over the years we’ve worked with awesome clients in virtually every industry. Here’s what a few have to say:
Fred Ross, CEO Sorrell Ridge Fruit Spreads
“The effort was a resounding success with sales increased by 50% nationwide. I’m impressed with the ability to get the increasingly jaded consumer’s attention. I recommend highly.”
Jerry Fine, Chairman American Media Council on Child Abuse
“The campaign increased responses by over 50%. The work was exceptional.”

Craig Kalter, VP Marketing French Toast Clothes
“The work directly contributed to an annual sales increase of 25%. French Toast attracted new licensees and now enjoys a strong brand identity.”
Alison Swain, Director of Development The Cobb School / Montessori
“Early enrollments are at one of their highest levels in years. The Trustees were stunned and absolutely LOVED the work. Bravo!”