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November, 2013 | BIG IDEA VIDEO
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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Why Web Video is Beating Social Media.

In “7 Reasons Why Video is the Fastest Growing Online Ad Format”, a recent SmallBizTrends.com piece, I share Forrester, Cisco and Forbes research on why video is beating social media as a small business marketing platform. The biggest reason, however, may not be found in a research study.

First, I must mention that I do use and value social media. While some communication channels are better than others (depending on goals), all have value. The problem is with the “silver bullet” perception. During these past few years social media has gotten more hype than just about anything. It’s been a great bandwagon to jump on and just about every online marketing guru under 60 has. It’s been a party for slick marketers and sales people who’ve financially capitalized on the hype. Whether it’s because of that hype, or despite it, business owners are now experiencing a social media hangover. As reported in both Forbes and USAToday, over 60% say they “don’t see any ROI” on their social-media activities. That’s a lot.

Regardless of why business owners say they see no ROI, it’s forced them to seek an alternative. That alternative is video.

The shift from social media to video is not surprising for another big, fundamental reason. Every business owner, manager, and marketing director in the universe wants to know what they’re getting for their marketing dollar. Even if they fully realize there’s no guarantee on ROI they want to know what “the deliverable” is. With social media, that’s hard to grasp. With video, it’s not. With video you see what you’re getting and, if it’s done right, you get excited by it. Unlike with social media there’s an immediate emotional connection. It touches our senses. And, when it does that to us we have reason to believe it’ll do the same to the people we’re trying reach.

So, the big differentiating factor between social media and video as a marketing platform is one you may never see in a Forrester report. It’s the bedtime conversation between a business owner and his, or her, spouse.

Her: “So, is the business going better?”

Him: “Well, it’d better. We just hired a social media firm.”

Her: “Really? And how much are you paying them?”

Him: “$800 a month for 6 months.”

Her: “And what are you getting for that?”

Him: “A cohesive message across multiple social media platforms to integrate our selling proposition for better engagement across new media channels.”

Her: “What the hell does that mean?”

Him: “I have no idea.”



The Explosion of Explainer Videos.

If you don’t know the term Explainer Video, maybe it’s because it didn’t exist until 2012. But, since then, boy has it become popular as this Google Keyword Trends graph shows.

explainer video graph

Clearly, Explainer Videos are filling a marketing need as businesses, products, organizations, and institutions need to communicate their message as clearly and effectively as possible. Here’s our Explainer Video:

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Every business needs an Explainer video. Especially a start-up.

An explainer video benefits any business, especially a start-up, since your prospects need to know exactly what your business is and how it benefits them. This summer Big Idea Video worked with a great team at the Stamford Innovation Center and created this explainer video.


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