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A Holiday Message from Big Idea Video.

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Creating Videos for an A.D.D. World.

addIn Rob Weatherhead’s Guardian piece, “Say it quick, say it well – the attention span of a modern internet consumer” we’re reminded that we must adapt to “a generation of internet consumers who expect ‘instant gratification.’”

In a similar piece, “The 8-Second Attention” Samuel Chan reminds us that “the average attention span of web visitors gets shorter every year and will never increase.”

Having worked on Mad Ave and the Web my entire career I’d say its more like 3 seconds that a message must grab attention and then keep it. Not easy. Yet, to be effective in today’s marketplace a web video must do both.

Most do neither. Why? 1) The people who create them don’t realize they need to. And 2) They’re not trained to.

“Most web videos are longer than they should be and less effective than they must be.”

With few exceptions any video over 60 seconds is on dangerous ground. These videos are usually created by people who are ok in video production but not in the art of communicating messages quickly, creatively and effectively. Consequently, most web videos are longer than they should be and less effective than they must be. That’s unacceptable in today’s A.D.D. marketplace.

View samples of short, high-impact videos.


The Power of (Moving) Images.

Disney Quote

So true. And when those pictures move, it’s even more powerful!

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