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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Top Video Trends for 2015

This week Momentology asked industry thought leaders for their perspectives on video trends for 2015. Thought leaders included senior executives from Google, AOL, and our own John Follis. John’s comment was:

       “I see a continued explosion of animated, explainer-type videos. A couple of years ago, the term “explainer video” didn’t even exist. In 2015, I think most businesses and organizations will have one.”

For the full piece, click here.2015Trends

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Business Trends for 2015

For 2015, we see a of couple trends. First is the increase of web video use among small businesses, especially those frustrated with social media.Trends for 2015

A survey of small business owners reported in both Forbes and USAToday revealed that 61% said they were getting “no results” from their social media efforts. That’s a huge number. In 2015, we believe those business owners will be asking “What now?” and turning to web video. Because, in addition to their disappointment with social media, business owners like to see what they’re paying for. With video they not only see it, they also feel it if it’s done right with emotional impact.

The other trend I see is the continued explosion of animated, explainer-type videos. A couple of years ago the term “explainer video” didn’t even exist. In 2015, I think most businesses and organizations will have one.

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