Big Idea Video is about Big Ideas that get Results.

Big Idea Video is about making your message so compelling it gets viewers to respond in a big way. We do that via short, super creative, ‘big idea’ videos, or slightly longer animated explainer and ‘whiteboard’ style videos.

What Makes Us Different/Better?

Unlike other video resources our roots are Madison Ave. Founder, John Follis, headed one of Mad Ave’s most successful, award-winning agencies that created successful campaigns covered in USAToday, Forbes, TIME, The New York Times, Wall St Journal, and The Harvard Business Review. How many video services can say that?

Our goal, with every client, is to create results-driven, press-worthy work we can add to our list of success stories. And, to make you so happy that you recommend us to your friends and associates. If that sounds good let’s chat about your business and what we can do for you.

Big Idea Video is . . .

John Follis
Founder / Creative Director. John built his reputation as the head of one of Madison Ave’s most awarded agencies; Follis/DeVito/Verdi. Beyond award-winning his work has a track record of sales results worthy of national business press (WSJ, Forbes, NYT) a Harvard Business School case study, and a Prentice-Hall  textbook (Principles of Marketing). To learn more about John, visit Wikipedia.

In this interview, John chats about Big Idea Video and a current project.

Kelly Brenna
Project Manager. Kelly brings 13 years of experience working with Fortune 500’s to start-ups. She also does a mean Lady Gaga impression.
Mark Pisaro
Art Director / Animator. Mark’s smart, award-winning work has helped make our clients’ videos both engaging and effective. He credits yoga for his calm, but laser-focused work style.
Roberta Elms
Writer. Roberta’s award-winning work helps get the message across quickly, clearly and convincingly. She claims she began writing at age 4.

Big Idea Video Response Rates

Watch the video: 82%
Say they Like the video: 94%
Watch it Twice: 55%
Take Action: 37%


Wall Street Journal
Wall Street Journal
For our small client, DiResta Communications, we created a campaign that got some big press in The Wall Street Journal. When you watch the videos featuring Ms Teen Carolina, George Bush, and a tongue-tied bridegroom, you’ll see why the Journal decided it was press worthy.
Our work for a small, independent jam company not only made Forbes, it became a Harvard Business School case study. Then again, when you increase sales 90% by turning the famous competitor’s tagline into a joke, it’s not that surprising.
Ad Age
Ad Age
“The future is bright for the brands and businesses that choose to exploit the full capabilities of video.”