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Why Whiteboard Videos are so Effective. 

Dr Richard WisemanIn a recent study whiteboard videos outperformed ordinary videos in memory tests, problem solving, shareability and overall impact. In the Psychology behind whiteboard videos – how they increase learning by 15% Dr Richard Wiseman describes those findings which showed a 15% rise in recall. According to Dr. Wiseman:

“Anyone involved in education or research will know that is absolutely massive. Normally you have to work incredibly hard to get 5, maybe 10 percent increase in any kind of behavioural measure like that. Simply by animation you’re seeing a 15 percent increase.”

Add some smart, creative thinking to a whiteboard video and the impact is even greater. So, if you’re ready for video and you want some that will get attention, recollection, and results, a Big Idea whiteboard video may be a great way to go.

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B2B Marketing Secret: Video, Video, Video

This recent INC magazine article makes a great argument why video is so important with B2B businesses.

We couldn’t agree more.





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