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Explainer Videos | BIG IDEA VIDEO
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Explainer Videos

What’s your story?

Every business has a story. The more unique it is the more a video is the way to tell it. Because if people don’t completely understand your businesses and how it benefits them they’re not going to be interested. Which is why more and more businesses, especially smaller businesses, are turning to us to help them tell their story.

Here is a video we created for a unique concept called Great Local Art.

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Business is Catching on to the Value of Explainer Videos.

This excerpted post from www.digitaljournal.com explains that “with advantages that include cost-effective branding opportunities, sales conversion and increased SEO , many businesses, including the major players, are beginning to look at explainer videos as more of a necessity than an option.”

For those who don’t know, Explainer videos are those short online videos that explain and illustrate a product, idea or service. The article points out that “These videos enjoy a strong foothold within the tech community as a way to explain new ideas simply, and also with many startups who use video overviews on their home page as a quick “get to know us” solution. But now, big business is catching up with the trend.”

Our example:

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Most Explainer Videos are longer than they should be, and less effective than they must be.

Explainer Videos are an awesome way to promote your business or service, if they’re done well. Here’s what you need to keep in mind.

1) You must grab the viewer’s attention in the first 5 seconds, and then keep it.  As with any type of commercial, if you don’t grab the viewer’s attention in the first few seconds, it doesn’t really matter what you say after that. Because few viewers will be watching.

2) Anything over 60-seconds is too long.  Peoples’ attention spans are short and getting shorter every day. In the context of online video 90-seconds is an eternity that most people won’t sit through.

3) An explainer video shouldn’t just explain, it should persuade. Most business owners who invest money in a high-quality explainer video expect to get a return on that investment. That’s why it’s important that the video is not just informative, but also compelling and persuasive.



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A video marketing strategy, using videos with big, smart ideas,
is a way to beat the big competition.

Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to market any business, if it’s done right. With the right, simple, but big creative concept, your business video can get attention and results. And often the production costs for creating that video don’t need to be high.

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is a way to beat the big competition.

Why Your Business will Benefit from an “Explainer Video”

Video is the fastest growing digital ad format. And, the fastest growing type of video is “Explainer Video.” Why? Because every business, and especially every new business, needs a quick, smart, creative way to say what it does and why you need it.

explainer video graph

TV News anchor Ann Nyberg interviews Big Idea Video’s John Follis.

In this clip from his recent appearance on NYBERG, Big Idea Video’s John Follis explains what Big Idea Video is and why more and more businesses are realizing the need for it as an effective marketing tool.

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The Top 3 Business Marketing Trends for 2014


#3 Social Media A couple years ago this was #1. For a variety of reasons, however, the shine of social media has lost a bit of its luster. This past year both Forbes and USAToday reported how social media isn’t working for small businesses. The Forbes piece was titled, “Why Small Businesses Are Losing On Social Media.” The USAToday piece was titled, “Study: Social Media a Bust for Small Businesses.” Both were in response to a 2013 survey released from Manta research revealing that over 60% of small businesses reported they don’t see any ROI (return on investment) on their social-media activities. That’s a big number and a strong indication that while many may have been partying with Social Media these past couple years, a lot of those folks are now feeling a hangover. It seems that the people making the most measurable money on Social Media are the folks charging you to tell you how to do it. That said, Social Media certainly isn’t going away and it will continue to be an important element of a business marketing plan. In 2014, it just won’t have the lure it’s had in past few years.  

#2 Mobile While everyone has a cell phone, not everyone has a smart phone. And, certainly, not everyone has a tablet. In 2014 more people will have both. Which is why more businesses will be conforming to a mobile market in 2014. It’s also the reason web designers are experiencing their biggest spike in business since 1997. It’s called Responsive Web Design which means that the site design will look as good on a mobile device as it does on a desktop or laptop. At this point, most don’t and in 2014 they’d better. Also, more and more business is being done remotely and virtually requiring more and better mobile devices. Lastly, mobile towers are expanding and networks are getting better and faster every day.

1# Online Video You’d think that something that’s been around forever would be fading away. The opposite has happened with video. There are multiple reasons for this: The continuing surge in video-friendly mobile devises, the fact the Google has made video much more search friendly, and the simple fact that video is the most engaging of all media. The explosion of web video has spawned new monikers like “Explainer video.” That term didn’t exist a couple years ago and it’s now one of the fastest growing searches on Google. You’ve heard the saying: “You can never be too thin or too rich.” For 2014, add, “or have too much video.”

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Why Web Video is Beating Social Media.

In “7 Reasons Why Video is the Fastest Growing Online Ad Format”, a recent SmallBizTrends.com piece, I share Forrester, Cisco and Forbes research on why video is beating social media as a small business marketing platform. The biggest reason, however, may not be found in a research study.

First, I must mention that I do use and value social media. While some communication channels are better than others (depending on goals), all have value. The problem is with the “silver bullet” perception. During these past few years social media has gotten more hype than just about anything. It’s been a great bandwagon to jump on and just about every online marketing guru under 60 has. It’s been a party for slick marketers and sales people who’ve financially capitalized on the hype. Whether it’s because of that hype, or despite it, business owners are now experiencing a social media hangover. As reported in both Forbes and USAToday, over 60% say they “don’t see any ROI” on their social-media activities. That’s a lot.

Regardless of why business owners say they see no ROI, it’s forced them to seek an alternative. That alternative is video.

The shift from social media to video is not surprising for another big, fundamental reason. Every business owner, manager, and marketing director in the universe wants to know what they’re getting for their marketing dollar. Even if they fully realize there’s no guarantee on ROI they want to know what “the deliverable” is. With social media, that’s hard to grasp. With video, it’s not. With video you see what you’re getting and, if it’s done right, you get excited by it. Unlike with social media there’s an immediate emotional connection. It touches our senses. And, when it does that to us we have reason to believe it’ll do the same to the people we’re trying reach.

So, the big differentiating factor between social media and video as a marketing platform is one you may never see in a Forrester report. It’s the bedtime conversation between a business owner and his, or her, spouse.

Her: “So, is the business going better?”

Him: “Well, it’d better. We just hired a social media firm.”

Her: “Really? And how much are you paying them?”

Him: “$800 a month for 6 months.”

Her: “And what are you getting for that?”

Him: “A cohesive message across multiple social media platforms to integrate our selling proposition for better engagement across new media channels.”

Her: “What the hell does that mean?”

Him: “I have no idea.”



The Explosion of Explainer Videos.

If you don’t know the term Explainer Video, maybe it’s because it didn’t exist until 2012. But, since then, boy has it become popular as this Google Keyword Trends graph shows.

explainer video graph

Clearly, Explainer Videos are filling a marketing need as businesses, products, organizations, and institutions need to communicate their message as clearly and effectively as possible. Here’s our Explainer Video:

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Every business needs an Explainer video. Especially a start-up.

An explainer video benefits any business, especially a start-up, since your prospects need to know exactly what your business is and how it benefits them. This summer Big Idea Video worked with a great team at the Stamford Innovation Center and created this explainer video.


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2 Great Types of Video to Build Your Business: Concept Videos and Explainer Videos.

Online video is exploding. It’s now the most popular online advertising format beating out Facebook and Google Adwords. If you have anything to sell, promote or explain, you’d better be using video to help do it.

One type of video that small business owners have been doing for years is a basic video of them talking. If you run a small business that offers some type of personal service this personal touch type of video can be very effective. On the other hand, if you’re not great on camera or your particular business doesn’t lend itself to this type of video, you’ve got other great video options. These two have become both popular and effective with every type of business, product, service and organization.

Concept Videos

Also known as Big Idea videos, these short, creative videos are designed to captivate the viewer, convey a compelling message, and leave the viewer with a desire to buy. In essence, a great Concept video is a great commercial.

A well done Concept video should not only resonate with your prospect on an intellectual level, it needs to connect on an emotional level. Because studies have shown that it’s that emotional connection that makes the difference in a buying decision. The goal of a Concept video is to not only inform, but to convert your prospects into paying customers.

Explainer Videos

As the name suggests Explainer videos are designed to explain a product or service. They usually take the form of simple animated graphics that tell a story. It often involves a cartoon-like character and info graphics. A “Whiteboard” animation that simulates a hand quickly drawing on a whiteboard is another popular Explainer video style. Unlike a 30 or 15 second Concept video, Explainer videos usually average about 60 seconds.

Explainer Videos have become very popular in the B2B arena because B2B products, in general, tend to be more esoteric. However, familiar products and services can also benefit from an Explainer video. For example, while everyone knows what a dentist is, they may not know much about dental implants. An Explainer video can explain what a dental implants is, why you might need one, and how it’s done.


Smart business owners realize that even if they have the best product in the world they won’t be successful if they don’t effectively excite and convince prospects. If done right these types of videos will help you do that.