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Top Video Trends for 2015

This week Momentology asked industry thought leaders for their perspectives on video trends for 2015. Thought leaders included senior executives from Google, AOL, and our own John Follis. John’s comment was:

       “I see a continued explosion of animated, explainer-type videos. A couple of years ago, the term “explainer video” didn’t even exist. In 2015, I think most businesses and organizations will have one.”

For the full piece, click here.2015Trends

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Why Your Business will Benefit from an “Explainer Video”

Video is the fastest growing digital ad format. And, the fastest growing type of video is “Explainer Video.” Why? Because every business, and especially every new business, needs a quick, smart, creative way to say what it does and why you need it.

explainer video graph

TV News anchor Ann Nyberg interviews Big Idea Video’s John Follis.

In this clip from his recent appearance on NYBERG, Big Idea Video’s John Follis explains what Big Idea Video is and why more and more businesses are realizing the need for it as an effective marketing tool.

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Creating Videos for an A.D.D. World.

addIn Rob Weatherhead’s Guardian piece, “Say it quick, say it well – the attention span of a modern internet consumer” we’re reminded that we must adapt to “a generation of internet consumers who expect ‘instant gratification.’”

In a similar piece, “The 8-Second Attention” Samuel Chan reminds us that “the average attention span of web visitors gets shorter every year and will never increase.”

Having worked on Mad Ave and the Web my entire career I’d say its more like 3 seconds that a message must grab attention and then keep it. Not easy. Yet, to be effective in today’s marketplace a web video must do both.

Most do neither. Why? 1) The people who create them don’t realize they need to. And 2) They’re not trained to.

“Most web videos are longer than they should be and less effective than they must be.”

With few exceptions any video over 60 seconds is on dangerous ground. These videos are usually created by people who are ok in video production but not in the art of communicating messages quickly, creatively and effectively. Consequently, most web videos are longer than they should be and less effective than they must be. That’s unacceptable in today’s A.D.D. marketplace.

View samples of short, high-impact videos.


The Power of (Moving) Images.

Disney Quote

So true. And when those pictures move, it’s even more powerful!

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The Explosion of Explainer Videos.

If you don’t know the term Explainer Video, maybe it’s because it didn’t exist until 2012. But, since then, boy has it become popular as this Google Keyword Trends graph shows.

explainer video graph

Clearly, Explainer Videos are filling a marketing need as businesses, products, organizations, and institutions need to communicate their message as clearly and effectively as possible. Here’s our Explainer Video:

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Forget the Year of Mobile — It’s Actually the Year of Video.

(excerpts from the AdAge Digital article written by )

Viewing is growing on video, with more time spent on more devices. According to our estimates at GroupM, overall video consumption is up year on year by about 3.7%, assisted by viewing of streaming video on PCs, connected TVs and mobile devices. According to the latest comScore, on average, 183 million Americans view 215 videos each month online. Mobile’s big boost is also being driven by video, with Cisco forecasting that by 2016, two-thirds of mobile traffic will be viewing video.

Video storytelling continues to be a persuasive brand medium and online video ads typically achieve a viewed completion rate of 87%.

The bottom line: The future for video is bright.


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2 Great Types of Video to Build Your Business: Concept Videos and Explainer Videos.

Online video is exploding. It’s now the most popular online advertising format beating out Facebook and Google Adwords. If you have anything to sell, promote or explain, you’d better be using video to help do it.

One type of video that small business owners have been doing for years is a basic video of them talking. If you run a small business that offers some type of personal service this personal touch type of video can be very effective. On the other hand, if you’re not great on camera or your particular business doesn’t lend itself to this type of video, you’ve got other great video options. These two have become both popular and effective with every type of business, product, service and organization.

Concept Videos

Also known as Big Idea videos, these short, creative videos are designed to captivate the viewer, convey a compelling message, and leave the viewer with a desire to buy. In essence, a great Concept video is a great commercial.

A well done Concept video should not only resonate with your prospect on an intellectual level, it needs to connect on an emotional level. Because studies have shown that it’s that emotional connection that makes the difference in a buying decision. The goal of a Concept video is to not only inform, but to convert your prospects into paying customers.

Explainer Videos

As the name suggests Explainer videos are designed to explain a product or service. They usually take the form of simple animated graphics that tell a story. It often involves a cartoon-like character and info graphics. A “Whiteboard” animation that simulates a hand quickly drawing on a whiteboard is another popular Explainer video style. Unlike a 30 or 15 second Concept video, Explainer videos usually average about 60 seconds.

Explainer Videos have become very popular in the B2B arena because B2B products, in general, tend to be more esoteric. However, familiar products and services can also benefit from an Explainer video. For example, while everyone knows what a dentist is, they may not know much about dental implants. An Explainer video can explain what a dental implants is, why you might need one, and how it’s done.


Smart business owners realize that even if they have the best product in the world they won’t be successful if they don’t effectively excite and convince prospects. If done right these types of videos will help you do that.




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    7 Reasons Why Video is the Fastest Growing Online Ad Format.

7 Reasons Why Video is the Fastest Growing Online Ad Format.

If you Google the phrase “Fastest Growing Online Ad Format” you’ll see there’s not much debate. It’s video. As an online ad format video is now more popular than search, more popular than email marketing, more popular than blogs, more popular than Google Adwords, and more popular than Facebook. The facts related to that growth are staggering. For example, in 2011 the Internet Advertising Bureau reported that in the UK alone the online video spend was up 90%. When you think about it, it’s not that surprising. Online video has always been popular. And with the growth of smart phones and tablets, and the ease of creating and sending video content, it makes sense that web video is only becoming more popular. If you’re a small business owner or manager there are tons of facts to support adding more video to your website and marketing effort. Here I’ve listed what I consider to be the top 7. After reading them, please feel free to add more reasons of your own.

1) People retain 58% more with both visual and auditory stimulation. (Forrester Research)

2) Via Google AdWords for video, video is now more searchable by search engines. In fact, a video in Google’s index is 53 times more likely to appear on first page search results. (Forrester Research)

3) Versus other media, video has more potential to be shared and go viral.

4) 65% of senior execs have visited a vendor’s website after watching a video. (Forbes)

5) 59% of senior executives prefer to watch video instead of reading text and 80% are watching more online video today than they were a year ago. (Forbes Insight)

6) People who view a web video are 64% more likely to purchase than those who don’t. (Comscore)

7) According to Internet Retailer, 52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in their online purchase decisions. When a video is info-intensive 66% of consumers will watch it multiple times.


In a 2012 Keynote at CES, YouTube’s Robert Kyncl predicted tyhat video would soon be 90% of Internet traffic. While Mr. Kyncl may be slightly biased, I wouldn’t bet against him. In the next decade Web TV will be a game changer contributing to even more explosive video growth. No wonder why Social Media Examiner reported that 76% of marketers say they plan to add more video to their marketing effort. Are you?

Video Facts

The following facts were compiled from Forrester Research, Cisco and Forbes.

• People retain 58% more by having both visual and auditory senses stimulated.
• 60% of all web traffic comes from online videos.
• 68% of the Top 50 Internet Retailers display video on their websites.
• A video in Google’s index is 53 times more likely to appear on the first page search results.
• 65% of senior execs have visited a vendors website after watching a video.
• 76% of marketers expect to invest in video this year and make it their #1 marketing strategy.
• By 2015 video will account for 4 times more web traffic than regular web browsing and email.
• Online video accounted for more than half of Internet traffic in 2011
• The number of people using online video services will grow dramatically. Worldwide, 792
million people used online video in 2011. That will roughly double to 1.5 billion by 2016.

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